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About logan todd

Established with an unrelenting desire to create change in today's fashion industry.

Our Story

The creative catalysts behind the brand are continuously driven to serve our customers by bringing to you a designer brand with superior, high quality fashion attire and state of the art eyewear at a favorable price.

We are two entrepreneurs from Scottsdale, Arizona. I (Logan) grew up with a father who worked in the medical industry as a well established optometrist. Todd was raised with influences in the fashion industry as his family owned a local jewelry business. With a combined inspiration from two different upbringings, the two of us collaborated to develop a remarkable brand. Like many young boys, I looked up to my father. I would often visit his office and spend hours observing the way he engaged with his patients while tending to their particular needs. I was especially intrigued when it came to the eyewear options available to his clients. I noticed that for those who needed new eyewear, a trip to the optometrist would quickly become somewhat of a fashion ordeal. For many of my father’s clients, eyewear was a necessity; however, poor vision and lack of top-quality products was not the only issue; the cost for catering to their needs never served as a convenience. The experience I had watching patients decide between what is trendy and what is within budget led me to discover that the fashion marketplace is oversaturated with designer brands at a less than appealing price.



The Solution

We start with what you want: stylish and comfortable eyewear and attire at a fraction of the cost.

We work to bring you designer products by eliminating the things that don’t matter. By evading traditional avenues and cutting out the middleman, we are able to build a direct relationship with the manufacturer in order to provide you with high quality frames and state-of-the-art proprietary blue light filtering lenses. The detailed craftsmanship, along with the time we dedicated to our research and development transcends the expectations of our consumer, acquiring a coveted status as true leaders in fashion innovation.

The Vision

We believe that vision is important.

The advancements in technology, coupled with our engagement on digital devices should not compromise our optical experience. Continued exposure to blue light can inhibit our quality of life, causing headaches, blurry vision, eye strain, and in more severe cases, may damage retinal cells.This outcome inspired us to create a designer brand, dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of vision.


Fashion is how we express ourselves, it represents different cultures and influences the way we feel. It is an experience.

Our gift is not in what we look at, the true gift is our ability to see and our confidence to express. Designer eyewear and quality apparel is not just a luxury, it is a commitment to yourself; to look and feel like the best version of you. With a commitment to serve and create a timeless experience at a reasonable price, it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you, LoganTodd, a brand new perspective on designer eyewear and apparel.

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