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Your face shape will play a significant role in determining whether a certain style will compliment your unique feature. The process of choosing your eyeglasses can be both fun and challenging, but the goal is to create a seamless experience. To help pick the style best suited for you, it is convenient to identify the overall shape and contours of your face and head. There are seven primary face shapes: Oval face, heart-shaped face, oblong face, square face, round face, triangle face and diamond face.


Someone with an oval face shape is typically symmetrically proportioned, which means you can likely pull off any style. This particular shape is slightly more broad in the cheekbones with a subtle, narrow curving towards the jawline. To enhance your best features and compliment the overall balance of an oval face, consider frames that are as wide (or wider than) the prominent cheekbones.


Heart-shaped faces tend to be wider on top towards the forehead, and sharply taper down to amore pointed chin and jawline. To compliment your high cheekbones, aim for frames that are slightly thinner, and a little bit wider than the forehead. Square, rectangular and round frames best suit a heart-shaped face.


Oblong face shapes tend to be recognized as longer than they are wider. To make an Oblong face shape appear shorter, try eyeglasses with a little more depth than width. Much like oval faces, an oblong face can essentially sport most styles. Subtle contrast and decorative features also tend to add more width and dimension to the face.


Square faces are recognized for a prominent jawline and a broad forehead. The length and the width are more or less congruent and proportioned. The straight sides and angled jawline can be softened with narrow, round and oval frame shapes. Subtle curves contrast the angular features of a square shaped face. To avoid a boxy look, it is best to stay away from square shaped frames.


Round faces are identified by their soft curves. This shape does not have any angular appearance, but features a softer jaw with more rounded cheeks. The dimensions of the length and width is often proportional. Typically, the widest part of a round face is the cheeks. Rectangular frames help to add lines, creating a more contoured look and highlighted cheekbones.


Triangular face have a narrow forehead, and have a wider cheek and jaw area. For more emphasis and width on the forehead, try frames with more width on the bottom. Adding a light color to the frame can also create a more balanced aesthetic.


A diamond-shaped face is narrow at the jawline and the forehead. This shape can have high cheekbones with a more prominent look. This particular shape is very rare, and it also helps accentuate other facial features such as the eyes. To open up and highlight the eyes, oval shaped lenses work well, and also help to soften the look of dramatic cheekbones.

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