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Lens Technology

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Logan Todd lenses are precisely engineered to provide a perfect balance of enhanced vision with bluelight filtration.

We provide eyes with the relaxation they need when looking at digital screens both indoors and outdoors.

While other blue light products only filter within a range of 400-440 nm our product filters up to 90% within that range and 52% of the 455 nm wavelength which is the exact wavelength that digital devices emit.

Unlike many lenses in the marketplace that have a coating on the lens that filters the blue light or a tint, our lenses are made with a proprietary powder that is infused within the lens material for the best filtration of blue light on the market without distorting colors of any sort.

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What causes digital eye strain?

When looking at digital devices blue light becomes defocused on the macula, ultimately causing what is coined ‘digital eye strain’.

Blue Light is High energy light emitted by screens, such as the ones we use on a day to day basis(computers, phones, TV’s, tablets, etc). Although this aids as an advantage in our digital world, studies have shown that overexposure to Blue Light causes headaches, eyestrain, eye fatigue, red eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, sleep cycle disruption, and possible links to macular degeneration.

Stymptoms Include

- Headaches

- Blurred Vision

- Eye Fatigue

- Red or dry eyes

- Eye strain

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