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Logan Todd frames are my favorite life changing accessory!

Whether I’m waking up looking at the phone screen of my digital device or walking into a 10 hour shift at work you can always find me in my frames. The only thing iwould change about these glasses is I wish I would have found them sooner! I can recall the countless hours in college staring at computer screens in the midst of all-nighters and unknowingly suffering from Digital Eye Strain. There’s no doubt that my sleep schedule was inadvertently affected negatively by the constant blue light i was exposing myself too. I feel like I sleep longer and deeper after a day wearing my frames when working with my devices and for that I am so thankful! With the variety of shapes and colors Logan Todd frames have to offer it’s easy to become a collector.

Chloe D.

These glasses have done wonders for me.

I tend to be on my phone and computer a lot between my personal and professional life and have noticed much less eye strain when viewing screens since using these glasses.

Cailyn J.

I had never owned a pair of glasses that blocked blue light.

I wasn't sure if this was a fad or how backed up the science was; I was honestly a bit of a skeptic when I first heard about them. What I did know through my personal experience though is that it wouldn’t hurt to give the these new glasses a shot. I like many entrepreneurs spend many hours after the sun goes down and into the late night behind the screen of my computer and cell phone. Having my eyes felt beyond fatigued more times than I can count and then not sleeping my best and energized the next day like I had hoped for; it was time for a change if I wanted to keep the quality of my eyes. After just the first try, my eyes at night felt relaxed and not like they were having the life pulled out of them. I sleep better when I call it a night and even find myself wearing them through the house in evening as it gives me a sense of relaxation and comfort. The frames are great as well I have to mention, as most of these kinds of glasses have a somewhat dorky look to them from doing my research. So when I saw that these had a sophisticated yet subtle look to them, I knew I found my pair. I now look forward to using them every night and no longer dread those long hours into the night when my eyes were flushed and exhausted. Can’t say enough good things about my Logan Todd’s!

Dean C.

My Logan Todd glasses have been an absolute game changer.

Aftersitting in front a screen for 8 hours a day at work I’d end most days with a head ache or strain on my eyes from looking at my screens all day. It was tough to finish days at the office, until I got my first pair of Logan Todd glasses. My days now come and go without having to even think about grabbing some Advil to take away the headaches anymore.I don’t go a day without them! Not only do they protect my eyes, but they are also a great stylish addition to all my outfits as well!

Michael N.

At night my eyes were killing me!

I started my new career where I need to be in front of my computer for 12-18 hours a day depending on the day. I average about 5-6 hours of sleep (that’s normal for me). Before I bought the Logan Todd’s that quick sleep was terrible. Having contacts and staring at a screen is NOT a good mix. Sleep was restless. Eyes were dry and itchy. I purchased the Lincoln’s and instantly everything changed. I didn’t have to take breaks from my computer, I wasn’t blurry eyed at night or in the morning... and most importantly when my head hit the pillow I passed out right away and did not miss a minute of sleep even when I only average 5-6 hours. Best 5-6 hours of sleep I’ve ever had. I’d highly recommend them, they make the biggest difference and gives me the ability to work harder and more efficiently. Plus I look good wearing them so it’s a win-win.

Mike F.

Logan Todd Glasses have been a constant for myself and my team.

In my area of business there are many updates and variables imperative to implement to stay ahead of the curve. Logan Todd Glasses have been a constant for myself and my team. In efforts to help my headaches caused by light especially blue light from computer monitors. I tried countless glasses promising similar features none of which got the job done. The glasses are comfortable, they look good, and they have remedied my headaches and migraines and increase work performance.

Nick C.

I love these new glasses and have gotten numerous compliments on the style!

Working in the financial services industry, I am required to work long hours and be in front of a computer screen all the time. My new LoganTodd glasses help my eyes feel refreshed, clear, and more importantly not fatigued.

Scott G.

The brand Logan Todd is honestly more than just a pair of glasses.

They bring a lifestyle. Their glasses not only are clinically proven to help witheveryday problems, but they make you feel good just as a person when you wear them. They will bring you more self-confidence by just putting them on your face for a day. You will never not feel like Logan Todd doesn’t have your best interest at heart whenshopping their site. Everyone involved has a soul purpose of making sure every pair of glasses fit your personality & and lifestyle and that’s what people need in a brand.

Trace J.

They’re truly amazing!

I’ve been looking at a computer screen for a portion of my life and after a while, I’d have to take a break because my head starts hurting or it just gets too hard to look at. A friend of mine introduced me to these glasses and they’ve literally changed my life. I can go the whole day looking at a screen with no headaches or red eyes at the end.

Tyler T.

I am thoroughly impressed with my purchase. The frames are beyond stylish, and they truly make a difference.

I have always been very particular about frames, and I found that it was very difficult for me to find a pair that suited me while still being comfortable and effective. Shopping for eyewear was so frustrating for me, and despite that fact that I have horrible vision and it is necessary that I wear glasses, I avoid them at all cost. Recently, a few of my friends were raving about these new frames from Logan Todd. I tried on a pair that my friend was wearing, and to my surprise I absolutely loved them. They fit perfectly, and they were very comfortable. I ordered a pair for myself after doing some research on lens technology and the benefits, and my experience has been exceedingly wonderful. I spend a lot of time in front of computers due to my job, and there were days that I would develop the worst migraines. When I wear my Logan Todd eyewear, I have no problems being in front of any sort of digital screen, and I find that my vision is noticeably better. Furthermore, I hate the idea of driving anywhere because I get severely car sick and I haven’t found that anything to help. Although there are no studies to support the fact that glasses may help, Iam fully convinced that wearing my eyewear significantly reduces my symptoms. Excellent is an understatement and I am looking forward to receiving my second pair in Sunglasses.

Tayla V.

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